Sarien 0.6.1

July 23rd, 2001 by Crusader

Claudio Matsuoka has announced the releaseof Sarien(shots), aSierra classic adventure game interpreter engine.Changes include:

  • Fix for SVGAlib
  • Fix for ALSA drivers
  • Fix for interpreter crashes
  • Fix for ego movement
  • Fix for message box key handling
  • Fix for inventory item viewing
  • Fix for interpreter command implementation

Sarien 0.6.1 Source:

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  1. JEDi_ERiAN Says:

    man, i used to love these old sierra games. i own just about every one of them. used to play them in dosemu in linux, w/ proggys like this and sciv, you can play a bunch of old sierra games in linux, better than the original. very kewl.


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