Linux 2.4.7

July 21st, 2001 by Crusader

Version 2.4.7 of the Linux kernel has beenreleased by Linus and company; the changelog can be perusedhere. Mirror Sites:

Linux 2.4.7 Source/Patch:

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  1. karlos Says:

    I compiled 2.4.7 last night, and now my joystick finally works. I had never had any luck getting it to work with 2.4.3 or 2.4.5. It had always worked fine for me with the 2.2 kernels, however (prior to upgrading to RedHat 7.1).

    Just a FYI to anyone who has had the same problem.


  2. Saltbread Says:

    Recently, somebody from the linux community (can’t remember his name) had posted a fix for lockups while using Nvidia cards and said that part of his fix involved using some of the ac kernels and patching it. I was just wondering if anybody knows whether or not his suggestions/fixes have been merged into 2.4.7.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. xmaN Says:

    Hi guys, i’ve a Asus MB with KT133 Chipset with integrated audio.

    I’ve no problems with XMMS (i hear sounds, mp3, everything) but no way to run Quake3 or Tribes2… cause sound initialization fails.

    Can anybody help me ?
    I’ve this problem since 2.4.5 (now i’m using 2.4.7), i’ve compiled kernel with Sound as Module and the Via 82C686 as module too.

    Thx guys.

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