Linux Game Programming Review

July 20th, 2001 by Crusader

Slashdot has posted a rather critical bookreview byCraig Maloney ofLinux Game Programming byMark Collins, Ben Campbell, Steve Baker and Martin Donlon.

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  1. zakk Says:

    It had a brilliant tech editor!

  2. theoddone33 Says:

    On IRC, I saw the author of the review say it sounded more harsh than he had intended.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Andre: “I am such a luser. I will make a series of books.”
    Nurgle:”Can I do Linux?”
    Andre: “Lennox? What you say?”
    Nurgle:”No, Linux. It’s my operating system of choice. Free, simple, and very advanced… Linux… uhh, it’s UNIX.”
    Andre: “I hate UNIX! Isn’t that a band?”
    Nurgle: :Ignore band comment:
    Nurgle:”Yes, I know. But Linux is different. It’s very popular. Lots of people use it.”
    Andre: “(Note to self: popular does not refer to the state of corn kernels being exploded in a paper bag) Okay.”
    Nurgle:”So, what can I do?”
    Andre: “Well, the deadline’s in four weeks. Have fun.”
    Andre: **BRAAAAP**


  4. magnwa Says:

    By saying that I like Nurgle. I’ve talked to him a bit on IRC , and he’s a great guy. Definatly an intelligent, respectable man. SO.. what I’m about to say doesn’t apply to him.. his work was admirable.

    This book sucks. Don’t by it. It has programming errors, mispellings, etc. I want .. what I really want.. is all my money back for it. It’s that bad. IT does have some redeeming qualities but over all the editor screwed it up SO badly that it cannot run. The examples on the CD do not run. They simply don’t, becuase they were mastered from the book, and the book is _WRONG_ because the technical editor sucked.

    There is no way to put it where this book will be better, and that’s sad, because Mark’s a great guy. But the truth is, when edition 2 comes out of this book, I am avoiding it like the plague. I’d rather get the Loki version now and eat the $40 from this one.

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