IceBreaker 1.09 Released

July 20th, 2001 by

If I’m up until 2:00am playing a game, I might as well post something about it, no? Anyway, I saw on Freshmeat that a new release of IceBreaker has been made, bringing it up to version 1.09. This new version fixes some minor bugs and alters gameplay slightly to make the game more challenging.

Apparently I missed the announcement of this little gem back in October 2000 when it reached version 1.0, but I sure am glad that I checked it out tonight. Or, rather, looking at the time and figuring how little sleep I’m about to get and how awful tired I’m going to be at work tomorrow because of the hours I just lost to this timesink, maybe I shouldn’t be too happy. If you really need to get some work done, perhaps you better wait before downloading the tarball and playing it. Regardless, make sure you check it out eventually.

IceBreaker 1.09 Source: icebreaker-1.09.tgz
IceBreaker 1.09 Source RPM: icebreaker-1.09-1.src.rpm
IceBreaker 1.09 Binary RPM for Red Hat 7.1: icebreaker-1.09-1.i386.rpm

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    No offence, but this game seems very boring. :)

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