Acorn 0.4

July 19th, 2001 by Alkini

The WorldForge team wrote in toannounce that version 0.4 of Acorn has beenreleased:

Acorn is the second in a series of games created as part of the WorldForgebootstrapping endeavour, aimed at creating an engine for massivelymultiplayer online games. The previous demo featured skeletons movingacross crude maps, Acorn builds on this by incorporating the followingfeatures:
  • Python scripted, event-driven rule system
  • Client/server architecture using the Atlas Protocol System
  • Goal-motivated artificial intelligence
  • Herding behavior and nutrient-based growth simulation
  • Sound detection and automated reaction
  • Richer collection of artwork, sound effects, and music

This release contains these new features:

  • New larger map, with elevated terrain. Lots of new graphics.
  • Server side collision detection and buildings handled.
  • Massive performance improvements.
  • New population of village characters.
  • New user interface.
  • Automatic detection of running servers using metaserver.

The Acorn downlaod page can be found at:

The Installation Instructions can be found at:

The background story can be found at:

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