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July 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Brian Hook, formerly of3dfx (where he was the principle architect of Glide if I recall correctly),id Software, andVerant Interactive, whenasked about original gamesat Voodoo Extreme today, made this response:

Off the top of my head, the best example I can think of in terms of a creative, wacky and original title that doesn’t get much press is Mind Rover from CogniToy. People that have played this game just love it, but most people haven’t even heard of it:

Click the above. I mean it, go there and download the demo. It rocks.

I mean, it got a Direct Hit from Daily Radar; 89% from PC Gamer (and they’re hardcore!); Highly Recommended from GamesDomain; 5 stars from AVault; and a 92% from Game Post. In other words, it’s pretty damn cool. But it’s so different that most publishers wouldn’t even think about touching it, so CogniToy pretty much had to self publish. And I wish them the very best because they’ve been doing things the hard way — believing in a concept so fervently that they chose to pursue that at a higher risk than going the safe route and writing another shooter.

People interested in cool new games should definitely check it out.

In case you weren’t aware, MindRoverwas ported to Linux byLoki Software, and you can order your copydirectly from them or from theirresellers.

10 Responses to “Hook Recommends MindRover”

  1. Judecca Says:

    I’m in the process of reviewing it for, look for that somewhere in the first week of august.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I had the privilege of beta testing this game (the Linux port), and I lost a lot of productivity to it. My only gripe is that it requires a 3D accelerator (OpenGL), even though the game concept is fundamentally 2D. It doesn’t push the graphics nearly as hard as most 3D games, though, so it should run just fine on older hardware.

    It’s hackable too — the GUI robot editor generates script code that gets compiled for a virtual machine. If you prefer, you can build your robots in the scripting language directly. It’s very slick.

    I really hope CogniToy gets some more recognition for this game, and I hope they don’t stop with MindRover. Some very talented folks.


  3. bakiller Says:

    I wonder what the sales are like on mindrover compared to the windows version because this game more so than any other I can think of out now seems like it was made FOR the linux crowd.

  4. crazney Says:

    i found it impossilbe! playing the demo.. well, i suck at it even after the tutes,.. im going to buy it to see if i can get any better ..but its hard :(

  5. chunky Says:

    I highly recommend it.

    Gary (-;

  6. Anonymous Says:

    the next game I buy will be this one! I love the demo! this is not like anything I have ever played befor[b][br]-byte-[/b]

  7. pphaneuf Says:

    A classic game I remember from my Apple ][ times is Omega, a game where you build a tank, scripted it and put it at war with other such tanks. Check

    Just to show that creating a truly, really original game is AWFULLY hard, but that doesn’t remove anything from Mind Rover, it is such a good concept and there are some that are much more over-exploited than this one (think first-person shooters or realtime strategy).

    I think there is also a game on the PlayStation called Armored Core which may have somewhat similar ideas.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Unless I’m really missing something, this little tidbit fails to mention that Loki has a demo of the game available as well. I tried the demo.. it’s a game way beyond my pathetic abilities in programming and logic, etc. But, maybe I should give it more of a try.

  9. Dweebs Says:

    Best new game (non first person shooter) I have played in years!! And its for Linux no less. Support the Linux movement people and BUY LINUX GAMES! That is all.


  10. theoddone33 Says:

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