Bunnies @ Tux Games

July 16th, 2001 by Crusader

Michael Simmsof the online Linux game retailerTux Games sent in the following:

Tux Games is happy to announce the availability of Bunnies, thenew Linux arcade deathmatch game fromBlackHoleSun Software featuringcute cuddly bunnies killing each other in various brutal ways!

A demo of Bunnies can be found here.

3 Responses to “Bunnies @ Tux Games”

  1. bakiller Says:

    Does anyone know what this is?? I’ve never heard of it befor…It looks like of like worms and might be fun but just wanted to know if anyone knows something about it.

  2. chunky Says:

    Well, among other things…
    You can order from them using lynx-ssl. Once in a while I e-mail them if something isn’t right in lynx, and they fix it. We like tuxgames.

    Gary (-;

  3. clump Says:

    I tried it on my Debian SID/unstable box and it doesn’t want to run. Everything will function up until the game actually starts, where I can see the game board and nothing shows. I can hear things dying and blowing up, but I can see nothing.

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