Terminus Standings Board

June 7th, 2001 by Alkini

Learner wrote in with the followingannouncement regarding a standings board for space sim Terminus:

TerminusPoint continues toimprove our support of the Space RPG game Terminus by adding standingsboards for the Top 10 pilots based on Kills, Cash, and Reputation. We’vealso added an Overall Top 20 Pilots listing based on each pilotslocation in the individual boards.

The goal of these listings is to provide additional competition forplayers who may not be able to play when others are around. So far, wehave noticed a marked increase in both Trading and Killing by peoplewanting to move up.

We are working on additional enhancements (web and game based) tofurther improve the game.

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  1. wee Says:

    I tried going to their demo page at but they list as the place to get the demo. Maximum Linux is no longer (and probably rightly so; yeesh). Does anyone know where I can get the demo?

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