New Matrox Drivers and Utility

May 31st, 2001 by Crusader

Version 1.3.0 beta of Matrox Graphics’Linux driver has beenreleased; the only major change is added support for a new GUI utility:PowerDesk,whose release wasannouncedtoday:

Now, Matrox Linux users can easily configure Matrox DualHead features such as Multi-Display, Clone, and TV Output, as well as make monitor adjustments to resolution settings, pixel depths, and refresh rates. With PowerDesk for Linux, users simply load this utility along with the accompanying driver and can then point and click to enable a desired feature, avoiding the errors that can occur when configuration files are entered manually.

The README for PowerDesk can be foundhere;source for the util and the new drivers can be dowloaded from:

3 Responses to “New Matrox Drivers and Utility”

  1. bakiller Says:

    That is awsome…I hope since it is open source that nvidia uses it with there drivers…That is what everyone needs a way to adjust all the video settings from within X…I hope other compianes use this and make it compatable with a bunch of cards!

  2. karlos Says:

    I have a G400, and am Running Redhat 7.1 and XFree86 4.03, and I copied the updated drivers to my /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers directory, but when I run PowerDesk, it reports that I am using an incompatible driver. Anyone have any idea why?


  3. jwnewman Says:

    Hey Matrox developers! :-) Where is OpenGL/DRI in Xinerama mode. I love dual monitor, but I hate restarting X in single head mode to play games. Please fix that.

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