Force-Feedback With USB Support

May 31st, 2001 by Alkini

Johann Deneux wrote in to give us anupdate on his Force-Feedback joystickdriver:

In a previous mail, I wrote that I had developed a driver handlingforce-feedback for I-Force-compliant devices.It was unfortunately not working with USB (only RS232).Only a few days after this announcement, Vojtech Pavlik (the maintainer ofthe joystick driver) told me he had added USB support.Since then, we have been working on this, and the driver is now quite nearto comletion (if any soft can ever be considered to be “near tocompletion”…)However, I still need users to tell me the vendor and product ids of theirdevices, so that I can add them to the driver.

The FF site is temporarily unavailable, but Johann assures us that it willhopefully be back soon.

UPDATE: Johann let us know that The FF site is back and functioning properly.

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