Linux 3D Graphics Programming Book Available

May 31st, 2001 by Crusader

Norman Lin sent in a release announcement for his new book:Linux 3D Graphics Programming:

Norman Lin’s primary goal is to provide the reader, who isassumed to have little or no 3D graphics experience, with a well-roundedunderstanding of the fundamental theoretical and practical conceptsinvolved in programming real-time 3D graphics applications usingfreely available tools under Linux. Topics include the X Window System,OpenGL/Mesa, 2D screen access and rasterization, hardware acceleration,and 3D vision and perception. Other chapters discuss mathematicalformulas to specify and project 3D points onto 2D planes, storingtransformations in matrices, and using 3D polygons to model individual3D objects and worlds. A tutorial explains how to create 3D models usingBlender, a 3D modeler included on the companion CD. Each chapter alsoincludes complete, executable sample programs illustrating the conceptspresented. The careful balance between theory and practice makes thisbook especially suitable for learning Linux 3D graphics programming.

A second book for advanced work is due out in about a month; you canorder acopy for $47.96 US from Wordware Publishing.

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