Agendaroids 20010525

May 26th, 2001 by Crusader

Bill Kendrick has released a new source snapshotof Agendaroids, hisAsteroids clone for the Agenda PDA. Changes:

  • Added vector-based text-drawing capabilities
  • Removed shading behind status area (not really useful on LCD)
  • Entire screen cleared instead of just objects (simplifies things)
  • Score display made thicker
  • Lines in shapes wrap around (so popup doesn’t happen on edges as much)
  • Started work on the title screen
  • Added a tappable “X” on the screen to quit the game
  • Bullets made thicker
  • XPM icon updated

Agendaroids 20010525 Source:

Furthermore, Kendrick also notes that he’s received his copy of MindRover from Loki Software. You can order directly from Loki, or from one of the resellers listed here.

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