MindRover Press Release

May 17th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has issued apress release regarding MindRover’sshipping status:

Loki Software, Inc. announces that MindRover: The Europa Project forLinux will ship on Wednesday, May 23.

MindRover from CogniToy is the highly-acclaimed 3D strategy/programminggame that enables players to create autonomous robotic vehicles andcompete them in races, battles and sports. Starting with an emptyvehicle, gamers add components such as sensors, weapons and engines.Players wire the components together and set their properties using aninnovative visual programming system before entering the vehicles in the3D competitions. Gamers may also share their custom robots over email orthrough website competitions.

MindRover has an SRP of $29.95, and is now available for preorder fromthe new Loki webstore at A list of ourresellers is also available at

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  1. karlos Says:

    Looks like Loki is picking-up steam again. Between all of the recent game releases, and the deal with Nokia, the future is looking good for them, I think.


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