MindRover Shipping May 23rd

May 16th, 2001 by TimeDoctor

The Loki Software ordering page is now listing ashipping date of May 23rd for the Battlebots-esque strategy/puzzle game MindRover. You canorder directly from Loki, or from the resellers listed here.

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  1. Jebus Says:

    I’m less and less a fan of NextGen (formerly Next Generation) magazine, but their latest issue gives Mindrover for Windows five (out of five) stars. The Linux version is identical, IIRC, so it’s good to see what seems to be a great game coming to Linux.

    Order early and often. :^D

  2. RobSeace Says:

    I was wondering if it was ever going to ship! It’s just
    no fair teasing us with that addictive little demo, and
    then not shipping the full version for this long! It’s
    cruel and inhuman! ;-)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Good game to get kids started programming. There’s just not much stuff like this anymore. It’d make a great buy for a school.

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