April 30th, 2001 by Crusader
  • id Software’s übercoder John Carmack wasinterviewedby Gamespy last week, in which he reflects onindustry changes, future directions in 3D gaming, consoles, androcketry.

  • Furthermore (thanks Shacknews), the Evil Dr.Jim Dosé was interviewed@ Quakeidge… in between the flippant responses, Doséhints at Doom III’s (still an unofficial title) status:
    …working on the first few levels of the games and getting the gameplay prototype up and running… working on getting the AI scripting system up and running

  • Finally,VoodooExtreme had a conversation withGarageGames’ Tim Gift about their preparationsto license theTribes 2 engine for one hundreddollars.

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  1. Svartalf Says:

    Guess since he’s well funded, he decided to play with what he was reading about to further help keep sharp mentally.

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