Linux Q3 Sales

April 30th, 2001 by Crusader

David Bellows sent in a link toElectronics Boutique’s PC games page, which includesalistof their five top selling PC game titles. Since EB began a $10 (US) sale forLoki’s titles, theirport of Quake 3: Arena has climbedto 5th place. Unfortunately, it looks like EB is sold out at present, as they haveLinux Q3A listed as being on backorder. You can still order Q3A from Loki’s other resellers, although the sale in question only applied to EB.

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  1. NeoTron Says:

    So all they need to do to get great sales numbers is to sell for a loss at $10!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I pre-ordered Alpha Centauri for Linux from EB, and got fed up waiting for them to ship it (it said “waiting for product” for a long time after Loki began shipping, and the game disappeared from their database), so I canceled it. Interestingly enough, the day after I canceled, I got my bill showing they finally charged me on the 18th, which was 12 days ago. Where’s my game that was supposedly shipped to me for 2-3 day delivery? And how come I could cancel it a week after they charged me for it, with their site not reflecting any charge or shipment?
    Bad business, EB. I got SoF quickly and painlessly, but if you’re going to forego a game that people have pre-ordered, tell them. And don’t charge them for something you never shipped. I can only hope that charge won’t be there on next month’s bill. The last thing I need is a late payment on something I never received, and in fact canceled.

  3. bakiller Says:

    At least it is showing the retailers(eb) that there is somewhat a market for linux games…Ok tribes 2 just came, must shutup and get back to playing!!!! :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It shows that the price is a significant factor in buying Linux games. Duh. :> Having to pay $50 each for Linux games and adding s+h as well when their Windows counterparts often sell at $30 hurts. The demand is there, it’s just wallets arn’t deep enough.

    I wish Loki would strike deals to include the Linux versions with the retail game so this wouldn’t be a problem. Loki would be paid by the game company, and the game company would be able to sell to a larger market. Since most games are online games now and connect to central servers, the game company can tell how many folks are using the Linux version, so requiring separate sales figures isn’t needed.

    I guess the problem with this is that a lot of Loki’s ports happen after the game is released, or too far into the development cycle for the releases to match eachother. If portability was an issue from the start I’d assume things would work out better, especially with respect to issues like DirectPlay in games like SMAC keeping Linux users from being able to play against Windows users.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Not only is this the full version of Q3 for $10, but its a CD KEY!!!!!! CD Keys are known to get lost or stolen and people seem to have nothing to do but buy a new copy of Q3.. For this it is a simple as $10 for a CDkey, I think anyone looking for one would pay that much rather then the full amount of the win32 version even. I know thats not the only reason why its #5, but perhaps that just helped a little bit.

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