Shogo for Linux review

April 27th, 2001 by keerf

A.T. Hun sent in word about his completed review of Hyperion Software‘s port of Shogo. The review it self has some nice screenshots of the game (and of the box that the game arrived in). The review also talks about the install, gameplay, the price, and of course A.T.’s own conclusions.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I used to really look forward to Shogo for Linux, and planned to rush out and buy it. But there were two serious flaws in the demo when I played it:
    [br]1) I couldn’t see any of the enemies, or the projectiles from my own weapons. This was the case in software and 3D accelerated mode.
    [br]2) The indicator for ammo on the current weapon never went down, and when I did run out of ammo, the weapon KEPT FIRING anyway. Well, it animated like it was firing, there just wouldn’t be any resulting explosions.
    [br]Maybe these problems are limited to the demo, I don’t know. But a demo is supposed to convince you to buy the full product, and I’m not going to shell out the dough on the off chance that the full version will work better.

  2. Jebus Says:

    I just got the final version of Shogo from TuxGames yesterday. It installed and ran great out-of-the-box. Using Radeon with DRI from cvs.

    Don’t get me started on SiN, though. I got it yesterday as well and it won’t install from the CD drive I use in my Linux box. I had to shut down both my Windows and Linux machines and get the CD drive out of my Windows box so I could install SiN. That kind of stuff really gets my goat. Could be my hardware’s fault, but I haven’t encountered any other CD in two years that wouldn’t work in this drive…just SiN.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I have an issue with Shogo, I preordered it.. got it installed it… and I get the jerky mouse (remember Q3A before X 4.0.2 DGA) I’ve tried playing with the mouse config in the game.. but if I move diagonally it is really jerky, anyone else experience this….. (I’m using 2.4.3 GeForce, USB Logitech Mouse 512MB Duron 600@1000) Thanks

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Be thankful it runs at all. Linux is a support nightmare especialy for game companies.

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