Tribes 2 Build 22460

April 26th, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software has released the build 22460patch for the Linux version of Tribes 2(or just thededicated server, if that’s all you’re running on your Linux box).Changes:

  • **GAMEPLAY CHANGE** Spider clamp turrets need more surface area for legal deploy space now
  • Minor tweak to improve long-term server stability.
  • A new voice codec, ‘GSM’ was added to allow voice communication between Linux and Windows users.
  • Minor sound system tweaks and fixes.
  • Minor BOT navigation and seeking improvements.
  • Fix removing BOTs counting toward the Vote Meter representation.
  • Improvement for vehicle physics, particularly instances when vehicles would get stuck on their edge.
  • Fix for BOT’s skins not dynamically updating to correct team skin, when Admin team changed them.
  • Fixed bug where certain cases would cause cursor to vanish when it should not.
  • Minor server query improvements.
  • Fix players can be added to the ‘Admin List’.
  • No more voting to BAN, only Super ADMIN may now BAN.
  • Various GUI improvements, notably the Voice Com. elements in the Lobby, and some minor pointer icon improvements forcertain cases.
  • Linux ‘Penguin’ symbol added for Server List Screen when joining, so users may identify Windows and Linux servers ata glance.

It is recommended that you use Loki Update toautomatically patch yourT2 install (especially considering that there’s been several patches since the gamehas gone gold); if you prefer to do it manually, you can download this patch and its predecessorsfrom

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  1. heimdall Says:

    loki_update is smart :-) It will automagically pick the optimal path from a fresh install, and there are several “short-cut” patches in the mix. So, a fresh install will jump straight from the 21570 on the CD to the current (22460) build.

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