LINUXGAMES Gigahertz Processor Review

April 26th, 2001 by Crusader

Kris Kerseylet us know hasreviewed gigahertzprocessor offerings fromAMD and Intel. Benchmarksfor Linux Quake 3,kernel compilation, are included.

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  1. wee Says:

    From everything I’ve read (on Anandtech, Tom’s, etc), Intel chips perform better in Quake3 than AMD chips due to specific optimizations. This is the case in Photoshop as well (not a Linux app, I know, but it’s a common benchmark). Better would be to set up Tux Racer and benchmark that. Including POVBench scores would also have been a plus for floating point performance. I also would have liked to see some GIMP scores.

    Anyway, if all you play is Q3, then a P4 might be worth it to you (even with their 2ms NOOP shenanigans) since it works pretty darn well with that game specfifically. For general computing, I’ve found the Athlons have given me plenty of bang for relatively little buck (for example, the $80 you save buying an Athlon could mean another 256 MB RAM, motherboard savings mean bigger disk, etc).


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