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April 21st, 2001 by Crusader

Loki Software’s site updated to link a newinterviewat ITWorld withScott Draeker, founder and president of the Linux game porting company.Draeker states:

The answer is really simple. This has been a tough time for the tech industry. It’s been a tough time for the Linux industry. It’s very difficult right now to get investment dollars. It’s very difficult to do a lot of the partnerships and get into a lot of business relationships that we’ve been pursuing because people are clamping down.

We had scaled up to a point, anticipating a certain level of growth, and anticipating a lot of new products coming out. The slowdown caught us by surprise. It caught other people by surprise, too. Now what we’ve done to address that is we’ve scaled down through attrition, we’ve hunkered down. Now we’re ready to start releasing products again.

Draeker also goes over the shortcomings of Linux as a desktop OS, and their recent releases ofAlpha Centauri andTribes 2 (which began shipping toresellers last week).

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  1. Starbuck Zero Says:

    [i]It’s been a tough time for the Linux industry. It’s very difficult right now to investment dollars.[/i]

    What could I say? Scott Dreaker and his company are doing this best for the community. When things pick up again I have a feeling that things are only going to get better. He he he, besides I still got some games that I want to buy… I’m not done with you Loki! =P

    P.S: This was a good interview and no one haven’t posted nothing… I figure someone had too.

  2. Brother Grifter Says:

    I think loki is a great company, so hopefully they can pull themselves out of the slump that most tech companies are in right now. However, I don’t think that the whole desktop issue will remain an issue. Maybe what I’m about to say is flamebait, and if it is then flame on. [br]
    Has anyone noticed how gnome-1.4+nautilus reminds you so much of windows now? Don’t get excited, I’m not directing any attention on how responsive the software is, but how MacOS X, Windows2000, and Gnome 1.4 all use ‘new wave’ methodologies and have yet to deliver anything revolutionary. [br]
    Linux is going to become popular from when companies like dell and ibm start offering it on their machines, and workplaces start replacing wintel boxes with linux boxes. When that happens linux will get the user base it needs to become a popular platform for entertainment. [br]
    This is my thought on draeker’s opinion on ‘shortcomings’

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