QStat 2.4c

April 20th, 2001 by keerf

Version 2.4c of the action game server browsing utility Qstat has been released. New features and bug fixes for this release include:

  • Tribes 2 player type and tribe tag information
  • Changed Quake 3 default version to “48” (1.27g)
  • New Tribes 2 master filters. (see documentation)
  • Convert newlines into spaces when printing Tribes 2 server info in raw mode.
  • Fixed problems with the 22337 build of Tribes 2.
  • Tribes 2 raw output is now the same format as most other servers.
    • Note that this reverses the order of current and max players from what they were in 2.4b. And adds ping and # retries values.

Download: qstat24c.tar.gz

Thanks to Alex Burger for pointing this out.

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