Doom 3 Dev Shot

April 19th, 2001 by Crusader

id Software’sJim Dosé sent in a screenshot to Voodoo Extreme of his (albeit Win32) desktop in the midst ofdeveloping Doom 3; the source for the script compiler is displayed, as well as a tech demorunning while loading one of Xian “Disruptor” Antkow’s new Doom maps. id’s lead coder, John Carmack,has repeatedly stated that this next id title (still without an official name) will bereleased for Linux.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Exceptions in the Q3 engine? Say it ain’t so… C++ can be a wonderful thing, but exceptions isn’t a part of that. Next we’ll find hand-rolled RTTI and template inner classes…

    /me cries

    (who had to port other similarly awful C++ engines…)

  2. Jebus Says:

    …would talk about games and not the pain you had to go through to get them to us. I mean, how am I supposed to enjoy fragging someone or making a tornado tear through my perfectly built SimCity when I can’t do so without thinking about the hours and hours you spent slaving over bad code? Keep your suffering to yourself, for our sakes, ok?

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