No Linux NOMADS?

March 27th, 2001 by Crusader

Christoph Hessof sent in thefollowing:

The German software publisher CDV wrote me an eMail saying they have noplans to publish the linux version of The Nomads (only PC and XBox).Besides that: they did not even know about an linux version and did notknow about the Nebula Device being developed cross-platform.

I’m now waiting for a reply on the question: What’ll happen to the linuxversion of Alcatraz?

NOMADS, a 3D multi-genregame created with the open-sourceNebula Device engine, wasdeveloped by Radon Labs, who havestated in the pastthat the game was also running on Linux.The other title mentioned, Escapefrom Alcatraz, was created by Philos Labs,who ported their RTSTheocracy to Linux.

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  1. vardamir Says:

    This is surprising, but since they were doing most of their dev work on Windows (whats up with that) instead of Linux, I can see where my faith was shaky. Interestingly enough, I compiled the Nebula engine several hours before this dissapointing bit of news on SuSE 7.1, and I would like to encourage a company to create a multiplatform game using this engine, and remind Nevrax that they could possibly salvage some of the Nebula code for their future game. In fact, maybe Crystal Space could use Nebula too. I hope someone at Linuxgames emails Radon Labs to find out why they let this happen, becuase I was planning on buying this game – I really miss 3d mmorpgs since I no longer use Windows.

  2. msimms Says:

    Last time I talked to them, they seemed to be up on the Linux port. Maybe it got abandoned.[br]
    Ahh well, but I can say we got definite confirmation from philos labs that Alcatraz WILL come to Linux

  3. Anonymous Says:

    a linux version is available. why the hell would they not want to publish it? it’s not like there’s any more work involved.

  4. Starbuck Zero Says:

    That’s dumb! Why would a company want to do something like that? They could even put the binaries on the same CD as the Windows version like ID software is doing. If they don’t have a Linux version then I’m not going to get the damn thing on Windows. That’s where I stand and that’s final.

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