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February 27th, 2001 by Crusader

Titan Computer issued the following press release today which mentions that, along with Jagged Alliance 2 andShogo: Mobile Armor Division (which began shipping earlier this year), the Linux version of SiN is now available for ordering:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to inform you that we have just released our latest Linux Games:

Jagged Alliance 2
Shogo MAD

You can find more information on our website (

5 Responses to “Linux SiN Shipping”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I would order SiN but I’ve just had a really bad experience with Tux Games. I ordered Shogo:MAD, and first it took 24 days to get the game (I’m in the US) ok so I can look over the shipping time… BUT, I open the game, install it, and I’m asked for a serial number. NO WHERE in the box, or the manual, or the CD sleeve is a serial number. So I’ve got a game with no fucking serial number . Hopefully they’ll resolve this. I’m tempted just to return the damned thing….. jeesh. Its a damn shame. I’m extremely happy with Loki though….. they ship quickly, and ship everything!
    Sorry for ranting… anyone else have this problem?

  2. bakiller Says:

    I ordered Jagged Alliance 2 from tux games also and have not yet recived it. I think that they said it shipped almost 1 month ago here on linuxgames but still nothing…I also hope I dont have a dumb cd-key problem! Oh well, nothing more I can do but rant and wait.

  3. msimms Says:

    Tux Games is aware that some copies of Shogo shipped without CD keys. We are replying to these as fast as we can (yes there were quite a few). If you do receive a copy of Shogo from us (or from anyone else) without a serial number then please contact[br]
    For the comment about the delay to shipping Shogo, yes we are aware of that. We were waiting for some time to receive Shogo. The first order was ‘lost in the post’. All copies that were ordered were shipped within 24 hours of our receiving stock, and we ordered our stock on the day it became available. Unfortunately this is really the best we can do, we cannot ship stock we dont have. I am sorry to the person that feels he had a bad experience ordering from us, we do our best to get stock out as soon as we can, but we are to a certain extent at the mercy of the publishers and the carriers.[br]
    As to JA2 that people have mentioned. We are still awaiting stock of this game. We have been told that it is in transit to us. Again, we cannot ship to people what we do not have, and we will ship out as soon as we get it.[br]
    This is also the first we have been told about Sin, so we will get our order in for this immediately, and again, as soon as we receive stock, we will ship it.

  4. Starbuck Zero Says:

    Is that okay to order? I not going to do it now… I’ll just wait a little if they are having a hard time with CD-keys and so on.

  5. Dweebs Says:

    this sounds like another thing that will help make Linux gaming a less viable option. I mean, how many people will pay for a game like this when its has so many probs.

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