Terminus Protocol Manager

February 18th, 2001 by Crusader

Steven Wilcoxon sent in the following announcement:

TPM (Terminus Protocol Mangler) for Linux has been released for Beta for registeredusers (free registration).

TPM helps Terminus players onlow bandwidth connections (such as modems or people sharing cable) by throwingaway about 1/2 of the data-stream without affecting play. This reduces thebandwidth used from 30kbps-60kpbs down to 15kbps-30kbps range. Terminus networkplay has been limited in the past to people with high speed connections, thisshould help the other players get online A nice side affect is that totalbandwidth usage for servers drops as well, so a Server can handle more playersif it has the CPU power.

The method being used has been forwarded to VVisions in hopes that it (or somethingsimilar) can be integrated in to remove the slight lag of an externalapplication being used, The original game should be able to integrate the changewithout adding any extra processing.

TPM does require that it be run near both the Client and Server. A Client usingTPM can not connect through TPM to a none TPM Server. A TPM Server though canlisted for TPM & non-TPM connections.

Porting will begin shortly to extend it to Windows users and we will startlooking for someone to port it to the Mac as well.

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