Linux Rune Beta Shots

February 8th, 2001 by Crusader

mechanix mentioned in our comments section thathe has posted several screenshots from the Linuxbeta of Rune, being ported by Loki.Rune is a third-person melee action game set in the realms of Norse mythology, and was originally developed by Human Head with the Unreal Tournament engine.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Being lucky enough to have been selected for the beta test, I’d like to encourage everyone to save their pennies for this one. Loki have done a great job on bringing Rune to Linux. The beta plays really well, and while there are still issues to be sorted out before the beta phase is finished (the sound causes memory leaks, etc. – see Fenris for details if you are interested) the game already feels fairly complete. Combat is almost all hand-to-hand, with control requiring you to time your weapon strikes with care. Strikes are affected by your motion relative to your enemy, so you can do tricks like dash forward, swing at the head, dive left to avoid the slash of your opponents axe, drag your blade across the side of your opponent and then appear behind him and leave him feeling a little topless. After a little play, much of the weapon work becomes completely intuitive and you will be slicing and dicing your enemies in no time. The story line is really well developed as you seek vengance on Conrack and there is a distinct one-more-go appeal to this game. Plus there is multiplayer capability so you can play with your friends (and a really really big axe :-) )

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