MindRover Demo Available

January 21st, 2001 by Crusader

Felix pointed out that it’s possible to download a previously unannounced demo for Loki’s Linux port of MindRover (originally developed by Cognitoy) via the Loki Demo Launcher utility. The demo is around 24 megs in size; the README can be found here.

Loki Demo Launcher:
3D Downloads

3 Responses to “MindRover Demo Available”

  1. msimms Says:

    If you like it, you can of course buy it from

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Is there no way of getting the demo without getting this Demolauncher? I do not have root access on the computer connected to the web. What do I do ??


  3. RobSeace Says:

    Well, based on the demo, I’m totally hooked… I suspected
    it was going to be a cool game when I first heard of it
    (and, I’ve already got it pre-ordered at TuxGames, along
    with Tribes2 and Q3TA), and the demo certainly shows it to
    be equally as cool and addicting as I suspect… (I spent
    over 4 hours straight playing with the demo last night,
    without realizing more than an hour or two at most had gone
    by…) This is just such a great idea for a game… I’ve
    never seen anything like it… It’s got the perfect
    combination of appealing features: nice 3D graphics;
    weaponry and fighting (in some competition modes) to appeal
    to FPS-lovers, or more accurately, to those who like to
    watch BattleBots; and, programming… It’s like a virtual
    Lego Mindstorms kit, with some battle/race competition
    add-on set, or something… ;-) Ok, so when is the full
    version going to be released, dammit?? ;-)

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