Terminus Enhancements

January 5th, 2001 by Crusader

Risto Varanka wrote in to point out a forumpostingfrom Vicarious Visions’ Bret Dunham regarding new features for the space-sim Terminus:

Greeting all…i spoke with Dave…I “may” be able to work on a freemode mod. This would be a radical change from what every one is udsed too..if you have any ideas,,wants,,

please feel free to eamil them to me..most will not happen,,,but some will..

And this followup:

ok folks…putting the word out… While there may not be ny scripting tools released there may be an alternative..

I’m looking into rewriting free mode… whew.

Please email any suggestions you have to me as i’ll need all the help i can get..

Risto also states:

There has also for some time existed a Perl tool, developed by aTerminus player, which can be used for limited manipulation of theTerminus server. This might make player-written mods possible.For details see the Forum or

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  1. Protektor Says:

    I can’t seem to find a link to this perl program for Terminus servers. Anyone have a better link to it?

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