Christmas Eve id News

December 24th, 2000 by Crusader

Doomworld’s Linguica updated yesterday noting that it was the third anniversary of the Doom source release from id Software, spawning the myriad source port projects; Linguica’s retrospective on what’s occured since that release can be found here.

id’s Paul Jaquays pointed out this Q3CTF-inspired Christmas tale: “How the Grinch Captured the Flag“.

Also, Paul and id CEO Todd Hollenshead were both interviewed by Quakeidge about Team Arena, Q3 mod dev tools, and the next Doom title (thanks Stomped):
[ Hollenshead interview | Jaquays interview ]

The musicians who provided the score for Team Arena, Front Line Assembly, were interviewed by Gameslice (thanks VE).

Finally, to come full circle, Doomworld has posted a holiday classic from the Official Doom FAQ: The Night Before Doom.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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