Xconq 7.4.1

December 22nd, 2000 by Crusader

Stan Shebs wrote in to announce the release ofXconq version 7.4.1. Xconq is a general turn-basedstrategy game system with a large variety of warfare settings; changes in 7.4 include:

This release features Hans Ronne’s new Tolkien-inspired game”Lord of the Rings”, Keir Novik’s “Carrier Battles” and “Coral Sea”game, ability to see all units in a stack, more flexibility whenstarting up network games, better feedback when units can’t dothings, isometric map display (Unix only), and many Mac interfaceimprovements. There are also a number of smaller changes, see theNEWS file for details.

Xconq 7.4.1 Download:

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