Tribes 2 SITREP

December 20th, 2000 by Crusader

Dynamix’s Dave Georgesonstoppedby the TribalWarforums with a situation report for Tribes 2:

Howdy, folks…

Just dropping you a line to let you know:

a) I’m not dead and not ignoring y’all. Just working hard, focusing, and trying to get stuff done so we can reopen the beta.

b) The beta period is not over yet. We will be reopening it soon to resume testing after a shutdown “hiatus” where we are closing a ton of bugs and improving performance/gameplay.

c) I have no release date info for you. Despite having a firm intention of hitting a specific date, I’m not even hinting at when that date is except to my upper management (who require more than hints. ; )

d) I’ll be in touch when I can. Just letting you know we’re still working hard here.

Dynamix also supplied TribalWar with a mock movie-style Tribes 2 poster, which can be foundhere. Finally, if you’re not sick of themby now, another T2 preview is up at 3DGameGear.

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