FlightGear 0.7.6

December 19th, 2000 by Alkini

Version 0.7.6 of the FlightGearFlight Simulator has been released. Changes include:

  • Added night ground cover lights with user controllable densities on a per texture basis. Lights have a bit of a “fog punch through” effect.
  • Support added for “shaped” instrument panels.
  • Added support for virtual panels that are larger than the screen space which can scroll.
  • Added waypoint and route flying support to the autopilot and HUD.
  • New highly detailed runway textures with accurate markings.
  • Added a basic piston engine model, with support for rpm, egt, cht, mp, and mixture.
  • Many tweaks and improvements to the c172 instrument panel.
  • Corrections and additions to the airport and navaid database.
  • Added an external interface to the property manager so you can “telnet” into a running copy of FlightGear, cd through the property tree and examine and even change values, all from a remote computer.
  • Improvements to flight model initialization.
  • Added a load/save dialog box for saving/restoring your current flight.
  • Added a visibility= command line option for setting intial visibility distance.
  • Rewrote the tile caching scheme so it is now more flexible, more dynamic, simpler, and more robust.

FlightGear 0.7.6 source and downloads:

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  1. Timbo Says:

    …the mouse input fixes. I’m surprised this isn’t more important to people – it wasn’t even mentioned in the Changelog at the time.

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