3dfx Acquisition and DRI Development

December 19th, 2000 by Crusader

Precision Insight’s Daryll Strausswrotein to the DRI project’sdevelopment mailinglist to address concerns about the 3dfx driver’s future after theacquisition of 3dfx’s coreassets by NVIDIA was announced:

There’s not a lot of official comments we can make about 3dfx, mostlybecause we don’t actually know much.

Our contract with 3dfx actually expired a while back. They’ve beenworking internally on the driver, mostly on the SLI/FSAA issues.

We have a second customer that has been paying us to develop the 3dfxdriver. That work is also coming to a close, but it resulted in thecomplete rewrite of the core driver that you see in the tdfx-3-0branch.

We really have no knowledge of what nVidia is going to do in the futurewith 3dfx hardware and software. We continue to talk with nVidia on andoff. So, far that hasn’t resulted in any development contracts. Luckilydocumentation for the V3 and glide for the V5 is available, so anyonewho wants to develop these drivers independently in the future may wellbe able to do so.

That’s about all there is to say. After the amount of time I put intotheir hardware I’m sad to see 3dfx go. Compared to most vendors, theywere good about supporting Linux, in providing source and documentation,and paying for development. I personally think more competition is goodfor consumers, but it is a rough market to survive in. We’ll see whathappens with the remaining hardware manufacturers.

Also, an archive of(RealAudioformat) Monday’s conference call held by NVIDIA to answer investorquestions regarding the deal has been made available. Finally, the announcementFAQ has once again been posted.

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  1. MyAss Says:

    I’m sorry to see them go also, I was looking forward to buying a rampage which would hopefully include decent open source drivers. Having used both a Voodoo3 and a Geforce2 the voodoo drivers were more stable and easy to setup (even though they were alot slower). I was hoping the company would turn itself around. oh well…. [br][br]So anyone know if the linux Radeon or Kyro drivers are progressing or is nvidia the only game in town?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    *sobs* *sobs*

    I have been a 3dfx user since the voodoo2. I have never had anything in my computer since that didn’t say 3dfx Interactive.

    *sobs somemore*

  3. StatiC Says:

    I remmember the days when the voodoo1 was first released. When 3d decellerators were the norm. Yes all consumer 3d cards were DEcellerators before 3dfx came out with the voodoo1. The 3dfx voodoo1 is what jumpstarted this FAST 3d scene with an accelerator that actually dramatacially increased frame rates with eye candy to boot.[br]
    I also remember Andy Hanson at 3dfx who worked in his SPARE time to enhance the descent2 3dfx port. He spent probably a year of his spare time, which all descent2 fans(mainly using Kali gaming service at the time) could never thank him enough for. Ah the memories of getting to beta test.[br]
    Hats off to 3dfx for the great things that they have brought the video industry. They will be missed greatly. I think I will go cry now.

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