Soldier of Fortune

December 18th, 2000 by keerf

Linux Journal has a nice review in this months issue, of Soldier of Fortune. The review talks mainly about the gameplay, gore aspect, and the plot of the game. If you don’t subscribe to LJ, you can read the review here.

Also, in this months issue is the Editor’s Choice Awards. The Editor’s choice for best game is, you guessed it Soldier of Fortune. So congrats to Loki, and also to Raven Software for an outstanding title.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    > nerf, who the man?[br]
    I heard Joe was the man, actually.[br]
    > so true[br]
    Loki Software, Inc.[br]
    Death to the crappy LG comments system!

  2. sracer9 Says:

    Hello, [br]
    I like the overall concept of the comments section, however, what’s up with ][ vs <> etc? Also, it would appear that the normal reply button is broke with regards to mozilla. If I click on the reply link for a given comment, I can post my comment, however, it goes off into the ether afterwards (Bummer too, cause I’m sure I must’ve said some real gems by now :) ). Anyway, maybe Mozilla – maybe not…

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