End of 3dfx

December 15th, 2000 by Crusader

3dfx, one of the first hardware companies to support Linux as a gaming solution, has announced they will be selling their assets to arch-rival NVIDIA, with whom they waged a bitter contest to gain 3D chipset market superiority:

Assets included in the transaction include all 3dfx intellectual property and chip inventory as well as certain other assets. In addition, upon signing the definitive agreement, 3dfx transferred to NVIDIA the “3dfx” and “Voodoo” brand names and trademarks.

Hopefully this acquisition won’t adversely affect the level of support NVIDIA offers for the Linux platform.

UPDATE: NVIDIA has posted their own press release and acquisition FAQ.

YAU: Well, apparently NVIDIA decided no one has any questions, because the above-mentioned FAQ page has been removed from their site…

4 Responses to “End of 3dfx”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i must say that i’m disappointed to hear this. 3Dfx has been a long-time supporter of linux and open-source drivers. Nvidia supports linux, but they are far from open. we’ll just have to hope that Nvidia doesn’t abandon the progress 3Dfx has made over the years (with respect to being open about their drivers and specs). kinda puts a damper on my day, but we’ll have to wait and see how Nvidia treats us.

  2. BigPenguin Says:

    Where’s the hell is the FTC? Aren’t there anti-microsoft… uh… monopoly laws?

    So does this mean we will finally get to buy a voodoo6 6000?

  3. zakk Says:

    the FAQ seemed to indicate the remaining skeleton of 3DFX would be responsible for supporting it’s current products and such. NVIDIA didn’t buy their liabilities as they said, just the assets (new tech and such)

  4. villerk Says:

    Now there might be just the right time for BitBoys to start manufacturing their new XBA-architechture. Check out [u][/u]. With their new architechture the videocard is able to transfer data between VRAM and processor at over 14 GB/s!! They have had also invented a lot of the double data rate RAM architechture, so I guess XBA will be fast… remember, it’s Finn!

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