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December 15th, 2000 by Crusader

Some more .plan updates from id Softwaretoday:

  • Robert Duffyupdated about mod team releases and to give an ETA for the public 1.27 SDK and tool releases:
    The point release is going well. Several MOD teams should have beta’s out that are compatible soon. Quite a few of them have had source for about a week.

    I have NOT had a chance to catch up on source NDA’s for the past day and a half. At this point, I am not going to send anymore out as I can spend that same time getting the source ready to go out the door instead. I appreciate everyone requesting and sending back the NDA’s. I sent out around 300 NDA’s and had about 100 sent back. If for some reason you sent one back and did not recieve access to the NDA board, I apologize but it was either after Tuesday night or it got lost in the flood. For a first pass it went well.

    I hope to have the full Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena source out very soon, Monday-ish looks like a good plan right now.

    At the same time, we should have tool source ( finally ) for folks as well as pre-compiled tools, etc. and I believe Graeme is going to post the ROQ encoder as well. Timothee and crew should have the GTK version of Radiant out soon too.

    I plan to close the NDA portion of the message boards pretty quickly but will keep providing general access to the newbie mod forum and by request will add folks to the standard mod forum. If you have asked for the latter, ask again via e-mail as I have missed it and am about to clean out the forum and NDA e-mail bin. I’ll be catching up in the dev forums over the weekend as this stuff settles down.

  • CEO Todd Hollenshead updated his .planfile to hint at another new id-related project and note that Team Arena hits retail stores today (still no firm ETA on Linux binarieshowever):
    To pile on the Keen renaissance (with a nod to 3DR, Blues, etc.): look for upcoming*new* Keen news in the not too distant future. That’s all I will say for now.

    Also, TA should be on shelves today! W00t! We’re going to be running a bunch ofservers at id and I already put up a Terrain server last night. Have fun.

    John Carmack commented last year in aSlashdot interview that he’d like to do a Commander Keen sequel forNintendo’s Game Boy Color system with level contributions from former id developers now atION Storm. Although the original Commander Keen games were never portedto Linux, we mentioned two projects attempting to reverse-engineer the DOS versionsearlier this year.

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