SiN 2 and Shadowbane Petitions

November 29th, 2000 by Crusader

Marv forwarded an e-mail from Ritual’sSteve Hessel concerning a petition demanding thedevelopment of a SiN sequel:

Not sure if you’re interested in this kind of news, but there’s a petitionto get a Sin 2 going at response so far… a few more names and we will have no other choicebut to make it ;)

The Linux version of SiN is being developed by Hyperion Software; a demo is availablefrom here.

Also, Matthew Johnson fired in a link to apetition designed to gauge interest in a Linux portof the MMORPG Shadowbane, which is a possibility according to the developers.

2 Responses to “SiN 2 and Shadowbane Petitions”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I meant SiN “sequel”, not demo… thanks Dan :)

  2. Svartalf Says:

    The ShadowBane one’s been around for a while- Warden indicated that if there was “enough” signatures that it’d get his attention. He never said what “enough” was or what level the attention would be (most likely a version after the fact, either done by WolfPack or by a 3rd party…).

    SiN 2 would be nice (esp. if they can get the performance up and keep the bugs down…) and VoodooExtreme put it up (they don’t normally mention petitions- this one, according to thier sources might just work for real; put your signatures up there gang and mention Linux in the comments if you’d buy SiN 2…)

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