SiN Demo for Linux

November 21st, 2000 by TimeDoctor

Hyperion Software’s Ben Yoris has announced the release of their SiN demo for Linux today; SiN, a futuristic FPS, was originally developed by Ritual Entertainment. The demo is approximately 40 megabytes in size; the README can be perused here.

SiN Demo Download:

9 Responses to “SiN Demo for Linux”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Someone should tell Hyperion that MESA_FX_NO_SIGNALS exists specifically to fix their segfault at close. I wrote it for Heavy Gear II.[br]
    Loki Software, Inc.

  2. theoddone33 Says:

    Perhaps I’m asking too much, but…
    #1 The demo should not crash my X server at any time, [i]even if[/i] I try to use GL.
    #2 The demo should play sounds correctly in both Low and High quality modes.
    I just don’t know what to say… I was excited to hear about a SiN port. I bought the game specifically because there was going to be a port. I guess I was assuming the port would work. Silly me…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I know Hyperion is in the market to make money and I am gratefull for that. I do have one question though, If I own the Windows version, will there be an executable for Linux so I can run the Windows version under Linux? Like Quake,Quake2, Quake3, and UnrealTournament? If not, how much will the Linux version cost? I love this game, one of my favorite all time games, but I do not want to spend another 30 or 40 bucks for it again.


  4. zakk Says:

    this demo works great for me, i wish i had the full version

  5. Anonymous Says:

    lets see if this is any better than the shogo demo, cause we all know that thing sucked more dick than a 2 dollar whore in compton

  6. clump Says:

    Nope, no GL no matter what I tried, just like the Shogo demo.

  7. crudman Says:

    Worked fine over here (with a GeForce 2 MX – Asus V7100). Like the Shogo demo, Multiplayer is still somewhat b0rked (try starting a server, then restarting the server with a different map, seems to segfault over here). Aside from that, anyone have a tenative release date? :)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    [br]ok, listen
    [br]Waaay back I bought the full Windows release
    [br]Technology advances (Linux) wiped Windows off my hd.
    [br]But I don’t throw old Win games away, b’coz there are
    [br]thinks like Wine which get better and better.
    [br]I was to date unable to play Sin good enough under Wine
    [br]I was very happy when a native Linux port was announced.
    [br]Dear Hyperion Software, let’s think about it
    [br]- I once payed the full price, why should I pay a second
    [br] time ?
    [br]- Even Quake3 took a looong time to show up in a large city
    [br] in my country in Europe -> I don’t expect Sin to come
    [br] to a near store
    [br]- Quake3 for Linux is still priced 40% more than the Win
    [br] version. If dealers can’t sell Linux Quake3, why would
    [br] they put Sin (_much_ less known) boxes on their shelves ?
    [br]- So, the only way getting Sin/Linux is mailordering
    [br]- We Europeans (usually) don’t have creditcards, so
    [br] mailordering is difficult.
    [br]- The strong USD compared to the Euro makes the game
    [br] even more expensive.
    [br]- And there is shipping cost.
    [br]->There’s no motivation to pay full price again and accept
    [br]all the difficulties in getting it for replaying a 2 year old game.
    [br]No happy customer, no business.
    [br]PLEASE release binaries which work with the Win release.
    [br]or Wine one day can play it good enough :/

  9. bakiller Says:

    Does anyone know if there are any servers that the demo can play on?? I would like to try out the multiplayer…also has anyone noticed that in the intro when they are talking sometimes there voices drop out?? BTW: I have a SB Live!

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