Shogo: MAD Demo Update

November 20th, 2000 by Crusader

Following Hyperion Software’s announcementthat their port ofShogo: Mobile Armor Divisionhas gone gold, they havereleased an updated demo which fixes various issues with the original. Furthermore, Hyperionstates that they are aware of TNT speed issues, which they are working withNVIDIA to correct for their next driver release.

Shogo: MAD Demo (Full):
3D Downloads

Shogo: MAD Demo (Patch):
3D Downloads

One Response to “Shogo: MAD Demo Update”

  1. torab Says:

    I tried the demo on a K7 700MHz + Voodoo3 PCI 2000, Mandrake 7.2 and XFree4.01 (will be upgrading the gfx-card sometime in the not too distant future…).

    The game seemed to run just fine, but shots and explosions where rendered incorrectly (2D bitmaps superimposed over the 3D background, probably represented as “particles” in the engine): It looked like Z-buffering rules were switched. What should be hidden behind scenery was shown and what should be shown was hidden. This made it kind of hard since I couldn’t see neither my own nor the enemy’s shots (until after they hit something and where partially behind things…). Could it be this is due to some OpenGL-extension you are using that isn’t supported in the Mesa + 3dfx implementation?

    Best regards,
    Tor Arne

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