Shogo: MAD Gold

November 17th, 2000 by Crusader

Ben Yoris of Hyperion Software wrote into announce that their Linux port of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division,an anime-inspired FPS (originally developed by Monolith), has gone gold:

Hello World !

The Linux x86 version of Shogo has just been approved by Monolith !

Expect the game for around Xmas time…

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  1. msimms Says:

    You can pre-order your copy of Shogo now from Tux Games at

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I had and still have problems with the Shogo:MAD demo running extremely slowly in OpenGL on my TNT2U. Did anyone who had similar problems ever solve them? (And before you ask, there are no Mesa libraries on this system – it runs Quake 3 fine).
    I’ve been in contact with Hyperion on this and they are as foxed as I am.
    Toby Haynes

  3. tfrieden Says:

    Hi [br]
    We’ve been talking with nVidia, and they confirmed that the TNT2 problems are indeed driver related. The said that they’ve found the bug and the appropriate fix will be in the next release of their drivers.[br]
    Regarding the other problems (No menu background, only skybox visible), we’ve found a fix for that, and an update should show up soon at the usual place.[br]
    Regards, Thomas

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