3dfx Closing Card Plant

November 15th, 2000 by Crusader

CNN is reporting that3dfx will be shutting down its Mexican video card plant in order to return to theiroriginalbusiness model of selling chipsets to third-party card manufacturers (which is how arch-rival NVIDIA also operates).In the past, 3dfx-based cards were offered by Canopus,Creative Labs, Diamond Multimedia, and others;it is currently unknown which companies will offer 3dfx boards thistime around. Furthermore, there has not yet been any indication as to how this will affect Linux driverdevelopment and support from 3dfx.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    The overpricing of the latest 3dfx cards was ridiculous yet we all loved the voodoo series. I was a loyal 3dfx supporter right until the voodoo3s even they were beaten in terms of value by nvidia. Hopefully,we shall now see some decent pricing and competition in the dsktop-chipset market again (right now nvidia *kills* them all). Only thing to worry about is if the manufacturers are gonna be pissed at 3dfx for screwing them when they decided to become a card-only manufacturer.

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