Descent 3 1.4.0a Patch

November 8th, 2000 by Crusader

Loki Entertainment Software has released the version 1.4.0a patch for Descent 3; changes:

  • If the default libGL or user-specified libGL fails to load, 1.4.0a will try as a last resort…
  • Other minor GL tweaks.
  • The tech support number listed with –help has changed.
  • Added Jeff Slutter (Outrage) and Mark Bainter (beta tester) to the in-game credits.
  • Fix to allow Mercenary movies to play.
  • Multitexture fix: Whether the user requested multitexture extensions or not, and whether the game expected to find them or not, Descent 3 would try to load them, and would abort when it couldn’t. Now Descent 3 only attempts to find the extension’s symbols if needed.
  • Support for the COBRA chair. (–cobra on the command line).
  • Support for foreign keyboards. There are some 90+ keys (the SDL “world” keys) that are now available for use in Descent3.
  • The game now makes idle calls while waiting for a new CD to be inserted, so it won’t eat up all available processor time.
  • Added “–timetest” and “–fastdemo” options for benchmarking.
  • Added “–tempdir” option for a few odd cases.
  • Newer SDL used, which fixes some various issues.
  • DRI-based systems no longer automatically crash.
  • Gamma support. Systems with xgamma support can change the game’s brightness in the video options section off the main menu.
  • Added option to play at 1152×864 resolution. (You’re welcome, Metz.)
  • Startup menu checks the rendering speed, and if it’s too slow, the game aborts with a polite message explaining what’s up.
  • Missions can now be placed in $HOME/.loki/descent3/missions/, and they will be detected with the other missions, and can be loaded.
  • Some people had problems with CD-ROM drives and strange directories being created. This is fixed.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.

Additional information can be found in the README; moreover, Loki has released a binary which adds official support for the Descent 3: Mercenary expansion pack (README), and a launcher which aids in the customization of Descent 3 launch options.

Descent 3 1.4.0a Patch, Descent 3: Mercenary Binary, Descent 3 Launcher:
[ 3D Downloads | Loki FTP ]

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