Shogo: MAD Demo

November 2nd, 2000 by Crusader

James Sellman of Hyperion Software fired over a demo of their upcoming Shogo: Mobile Armor Division port (screenshots), an anime-inspired title originally developed by Monolith. The README is available here; the demo is around 36 megs in size and can be downloaded from

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12 Responses to “Shogo: MAD Demo”

  1. dgwatson Says:

    I get a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect in the top half of my screen, the HUD at the bottom, and black everywhere else… not too much fun :((((.

  2. A.T. Hun Says:

    I’m using Red Hat 6.2 with XFree86 4.0.1 and the NVIDIA Linux drivers (0.9-5). I installed the demo, installed SDL 1.1 and smpeg (which is required, but not included). When I click on “Launch Game” in the launcher I get this error:[br][br]
    ./client: error in loading shared libraries: ./client: undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_delete[br][br]
    Does anyone have any idea what this means?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Also can’t get it to run. Anyone know if there’s a newsgroup or anysuch?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this demo is poop.

  5. Dweebs Says:

    Why is it so hard for the developers to realize that many if not most of us that use Linux as a gaming OS are using an Nvidia card and drivers???

    Hell, I had a Voodoo3 card installed before my Geforce DDR and most stuff worked, just not very fast or pretty. 8^)


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I too got the __builtin_vec_delete error, but with
    upgrading SDL-1.1.6 and libsmpeg-0.4.1 the problem
    went away.

    Have fun,

  7. wolruf Says:


    in software mode it’s ok, in opengl mode, the menu is sluggish, this is with SDL 1.1.6, latest smpeg nvidia drivers, etc.

  8. rezn Says:

    The demo works great. Good work. :)

  9. crudman Says:

    Ah, Shogo goodness. A few things are b0rked (good example, selecting “Multiplayer” from the Main Menu of a single player game), those things aside it’s quite a nice conversion. Just make sure you have correct permissions to the ‘ShogoDemo’ directory (please Hyperion, adopt the ~/.shogo or ~/.hyperion/shogo methods for storing configs/saved games). Oh, the demo isn’t exactly as ‘sequential’ as the full game, so don’t even try to follow the storyline. :)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Will this work with the full version rez files? Anyone try? I bought the windoze version…


  11. Saltbread Says:

    I installed the required libraries and I finally managed to get into the demo. But as someone noted above, the damn menu is slow as hell like it using Mesa based acceleration and the game itself, for me at least, is as slow as the menu. Anybody find a workaround for this? HELP!!! I’ve got 0.95 drivers for my NVIDIA TNT2 Ultra on a RedHat 7.0 box with standard 2.2.16 kernel and 2.4.0-test9 kernels. Thanks in advance…

  12. tfrieden Says:

    I’d like to address some of the issues with the Shogo demo you’ve encountered:[br]
    As some of you already noticed, the __builtin_vec_delete thingy can be fixed with the newest version of smpeg. Sorry about that, that was a stupid mistake on my side.[br]
    Regarding the slowness with nVidia boards, we developed the hardware renderer on a GeForce, and it was also tested on GeForce 2, Matrox G400 MAX, and Voodoo 3 boards, on XFree 3 and 4. Somebody hinted that there might be a problem with the TNT2. I’ll try to fix whatever I can find, and we will make a small update available start of next week.[br]
    Regarding the save directory, the full version uses ~/.hyperion/Shogo for storing configurations and saved games. It’s not in the demo because you normally install the demo, play around with it a bit, and then delete it, so no need to get yet another dot file in your home directory. It will also be possible to run it from anywhere, not necessarily from the install driectory (in other word, Unreal Tournament style :).[br]
    Thomas Frieden[br]
    Hyperion Entertainment

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