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October 31st, 2000 by Crusader

  • /. made mention of an article at TwinGalaxies whichcomparesthe Indrema system’s announced specs toupcoming offerings from Microsoft and Sony.

  • Michael Hall wrote in with word that AllLinuxDevices has an editorial which examines what Indrema must offer to succeed.

    Personally, as I’ve stated before, I have several reservations about Indrema (How will they create an impressive, hell, any sort of gaming library before the stated Spring 2001 launch? What developers have signed on? What titles will be available?) which will require substantially more information than has been supplied in the past to alleviate.

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    1. Anonymous Says:

      That’s why I’m buying an Indeama when it comes out. It’ll have a hard drive, and when tuxNES and snes9x are ported to it, it will replace my dead NES and dying snes. Also, there’s a million games avalible on launch ;-)
      If i never bought another game, that would make Indrema worth the $ for me.

    2. fscker Says:

      First of all, reading this article had absolutely no impact on my outlook for Indrema. It’s the same ol’ stuff we’ve been hearing since they first announced their plans. I especially disagree with the last comment in the article, the one that states something like “this be a good example of how Linux/OSS doesn’t work for everything”. I am reminded of what a laughing stock Linux was, only few years ago. Countless people argued that the open-source model could never provide a decent, successful OS. I’d say it’s rather successful in many respects.[br]
      I am strongly anticipating the L600’s arrival. As far as that “impressive, hell, any sort of gaming library…” thing goes, it has already been noted by Indrema what they expect for the initial L600 release. In a nut shell, that’s Linux zealots and hardcore gamers that have to buy pretty much every system. The initial release, from what I gather, is a sort of testbed for future Indrema releases. All I can say, is it would be [i]awesome[/i] to actually see [i]my[/i] game being played on consoles. It’s just a thing. :)

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