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October 30th, 2000 by Crusader
  • Jeffrey H. Ingberof the OpenUT project fired in the following:
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 29, 2000: The OpenUT Project( is proud to announce a series of “must see”site updates focusing on documentation, UT MOD issues, serveradministration, TacOps 1.6 updates, and two new experimental OpenGLrenderers (the “Nonlinear Projection GL Renderer” and an OpenGL renderer forsupporting detailed textures). The Utah-GLX and DRI HOW-TO’s have beenupdated and a new HOW-TO has been posted detailing building OpenUT from themost recent Loki CVS sources.

    Our Utah-GLX and XFree86 4.0/DRI HOW-TOs are excellent documents detailingthe installation of OpenGL under XFree86 on a variety of hardwareconfigurations (including 3dfx, Matrox, ATI, and Intel, among others). Ifyou are new to Linux or need assistance installing or configuringOpenGL/XFree86 4.0/DRI, these documents are invaluable sources ofinformation.

    We are also still in need of an individual(s) to assist with creating aninstaller for the UT strike force MOD. Interested parties should makecontact through our mailing list. (Please visit

    Over the past several months, visits to The OpenUT Project home havedecreased substantially. We believe the downturn in activity stems from amisconception that OpenUT has been abandoned. Rest assured, this is farfrom true. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The most-recent OpenUT CVS sources nowreside on Loki CVS servers, but OpenUT collaboration continues at ourSourceForge Project home ( The sourceslocated at our SourceForge Project home should be considered legacy. Amongthe many new and revised documents found at the OpenUT Project website is aHOW-TO for compiling OpenUT from the latest up-to-date Loki CVS sources thatclosely reflect the most recent patchlevel.

  • VoodooExtreme, back at their breaknecknews pace, noted that the Rocket Arena: UTsite has announced that RA: UT version 1.60 will be released tomorrow. In the meantime, additionalmap shots have been added, depictingthe seven new or enhanced levels that will be released with 1.60.
  • Finally, the UT map review site UTBooty has added16 new reviews in recent days of various Deathmatch, CTF, and Domination maps (thanksKung).

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