AMD-760 Chipset Linux Fix

October 30th, 2000 by Crusader

AMD has announced the launch of theirAMD-760 chipset, which supportsDouble Data Rate SDRAM.Slashdot pointed out thisreview of the chipset atTech Report whichstatesthat their attempt at Linux kernel compilation benchmarks failed due to the kernel’s attemptto disable a non-existent PIII serial number on boot. However, a Slashdot user (aetius2) fortunatelyprovided a work-aroundfor this issue:

It only affects Thunderbird-core Athlons and Durons. It has been fixed in all 2.2.16 and later kernels. I emailed damage to let him know about –hopefully we’ll get to see some benchmarks.

After installation, at the LILO boot: prompt use this command:

linux x86_serial_nr=1

That’ll get you booted, and you can upgrade/recompile/append to lilo.conf from there.

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