XTux 20001029

October 30th, 2000 by Crusader

The 20001029 snapshot of XTux, a 2Ddeathmatch game with OS-themed player sprites,shots) has been released byDave Lawrence. Changes:

  • There are now items to pick up & use.
  • Health, weapons & ammo function correctly.
  • Map format now supports game mode specific entities.
  • Clients can now send text messages.
  • Improved death messages.
  • Fixed some buffers (statusbar, map) not being redrawn when needed bug.
  • New map “Mmmmm Skyscraper, I love you”, an example of a somewhatfunctional single player map.
  • Documentation on map, entity and weapon config file formats. Now there’sno excuse not to make maps or new entities/weapons.

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