DGen 1.21

October 29th, 2000 by TimeDoctor

The Genesis emulator (using SDL), DGen, is up to version 1.21. Changes:

  • Screenshot code added, courtesy of Allen Noe . The key_screenshot field in dgenrc sets the key that will make screenshots happen. Its default is F12.
  • MZ80 core updated to version 3.4. Sound in Aladdin and the Sonic games should run at the correct speed now.
  • Fixed a bug in the handling of handling saved state and RAM filenames, which would result in saved state files being saved with a null filename.
  • Added a ‘-s’ switch, which will load the given saved state at startup.
  • Added support for joystick through SDL for SDL 1.1.x.
  • Fixed compilation problems with the gcc “2.96” on Redhat 7.x systems. Thanks to Jeff Grady.
DGen 1.21 source:

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