QuakeForge Beta 4

October 28th, 2000 by TimeDoctor

The Quake source port/enhancement project QuakeForge (QuakeWorld compatible) has released beta 4. Changes:

  • “Bunny hopping” can now be disabled in the server. To disable bunny hopping on a server, put “serverinfo no_pogo_stick 1″ into your server.cfg. It’s called “no_pogo_stick” because the effect is called “pogo sticking” in the source code. The QuakeForge clients check for this serverinfo and update the prediction code, but it stops bunny hopping on non-QuakeForge clients as well — the prediction code just acts funny on older clients.
  • Video memory for software clients is now no longer taken from the engine’s private data heap. ONLY sound buffers and map data is placed here now. In addition, the default memory pool is down to 8MB. Using more memory with -mem or -heapsize may do bad things to your performance.
  • DOS line endings are now handled properly by the location reporting code.
  • rcon no longer prints the password.
  • X11-using clients now have better DGA mouse support. To enable, set the in_dga configuration variable to a nonzero value.
  • CD audio on Linux should work properly with kernel 2.2.17 now.
  • The -gamma parameter has been removed from GL clients, and replaced by the -brighten parameter, which doesn’t wash out colors. -brighten values can be from 1.0 to 5.0.
  • gl_polyblend has been removed — as far as we can tell, it has no valid use.
  • Full screen support is much improved.
  • OpenGL setup code has been improved.
QuakeForge beta 4 source:

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