Future of Quake 3: Arena

September 29th, 2000 by Crusader
  • id CEOTodd Hollenshead updated his .plan earlier this week on what futureQuake 3: Arena releaseswill entail after mixed reaction to the last Win32 beta patch. Here’s some of the relevant information:
    Global Rankings – This is a cool new statistics and ranking feature that has been incorporated into Quake III Arena. If you would like more information on Global Rankings, please check out the website at As more information and documentation becomes available, we will pass it along and include it with releases.

    Physics – There has been quite a bit of confusion regarding the physics fix that was incorporated into the 1.25beta release. Simply stated, in the original Q3A PC release (using .qvms) there was an inaccuracy in the way player movement occured when compared to other versions of the game (including compiled .dlls and other platforms). This was a bug. It is our position that all platforms should yield the same gameplay mechanics and physics. We are working on a fix that would return the “feel” of rocket jumping and strafe jumping to the original release, while still “fixing” the bug in the .qvm builds.

    CTF Scoring – In the 1.25beta release we made a modification to CTF scoring. While we will use a similar scoring system in Quake III: Team Arena, in the next point release we have decided to return to the original CTF scoring system that was included with the retail release.

    Demos – Prior demo files are not compatible with 1.25 and above. This is due to the change in the network protocol and encryption layers.

    We are also working on fixes for a number of smaller bugs that have come to our attention including various problems with sound, callvoting, global rankings and a few other miscellaneous items.

  • Moreover, the Mplayer-owned (who also runthe new GlobalRankings service)Quake3World launched theirQuake 3: Team Arena section,which provides information on the upcoming Q3A mission pack.

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